The clan

UR Gaming was formed by a group of gamers on Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW) in 2005.  The main philosophy of clan was that of a social group, and was not focused on competition, as such we were typically found within the Pub scene.  ***AllStarsClan*** and ECG Network servers were typical haunts of ours.


Video clip provided by SkyWalker


Members were predominantly European, however members also from North America and Canada were present.  The wider community spread further afield than that, as far as Australia (looking at you, Neon).


As RtCW fell into it's natural decline, other games were dabbled in with a clan presence; such as Enemy Territory, America's Army, and a massive hiatus for myself in Battlefield 2.  Although we kept returning to RtCW, like a bad habit unable to be fully dropped, despite the dwindling gaming populace.  Who knew you could play so much mp_beach Stopwatch?


By 2014 the clan had progressed to a mothballed status (many of us may have even grown up a little), and so it remains at this current point in time.  I intend to keep the domain up, and maintain the web presence & forum should that prove to be worthwhile.